Thirukkural Translations in World Languages

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Thirukkural, a 2000 year old secular masterpiece of literature, written in Tamil, a classical language of India, shows the way to live a wholesome life. It’s not a mere set of dos and don’ts but a comprehensive code for a happy living. People who lead their life according to the tenets of Thirukkural find it immensely useful in leading a stress-free, meaningful, effective and joyful life. it covers all aspects of life of an individual right from a young age. No wonder it attracted great minds such as Leo Tolstoy, GU Pope, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Switzer etc. Thirukkural contains 133 chapters with 1330 couplets. It is divided into three parts, on Virtue, Wealth and Love. This book is the first comprehensive information on the Thirukkural Translations in world languages. It has analysis of all the countries and their official languages and the Thirukkural Translations. This book is in multi-color and cover various languages translations details. This includes UNESCO, UN and Indian official Languages and Thirukkural translations details. By taking each languages, detailed analysis is done to list all the translations details for each language


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